About Constitutionally Correct

Constitutionally Correct is all about EDUCATION.


Constitutionally CorrectTM is set up to be able to provide education through seminars, speaking engagements and on-line educational resources.


Focusing initially on the U.S. Constitution, Constitutionally Correct will expand into state constitutions as well.  There is an important correlation between state and federal constitutions and it is important to understand the connection between the two.  In terms of providing state constitution information, currently, Illinois is the only state that is being dealt with.  If you would like to help providing specific information regarding your state and contributing to the mission and success of Constitutionally Correct, please contact Randy.


The Constitutionally Correct website will continue to expand, providing greater resources to not only facilitate a deeper understanding of the Constitution, but assist in restoring our individual states and these United State of America back to their constitutionally mandated roots and boundaries.


If you would like to contribute articles and information to Constitutionally Correct, please create an account, send me an email, and I will give you the appropriate status on the website to be able to do so.