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Illegal Wars

Illegal WarsJust Say No to War

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011 CNN News broadcast a press conference that was being held to announce a lawsuit was being filed in federal court to challenge Obama on Libya.  Democrat Representative, Dennis Kucinich (OH) and Republican Representatives, Walter Jones (NC) and Tim Johnson (IL) announced their intention, to file a lawsuit to stop Obama from taking our troops to war with Libya, stating that it is Illegal for him to do so without congressional authority.



This is absolute and complete garbage!!

ALL "WARS" and "armed conflicts" acted upon by these United States of America have been ILLEGAL since World War II !

Making the announcement is Democratic Representative, Dennis Kucinich (OH), followed by Republican Representatives, Walter Jones (NC) and Tim Johnson (IL), demonstrating both party’s involvement in the treasonous conduct of our federal government.

Number One:  We haven't had a constitutional standing army, nor has there been a constitutionally implemented “conflict” since World War II.

Number Two:  If congress has the power and authority to implement war and the use of our Militia, doesn't it stand to reason that they have the power and authority to stop it all?  Almost everywhere I go to speak (at least the first time there); I capture everybody’s attention by asking the following question:

"If Congress has the authority to ‘Declare’ War, what is the Constitutional principle to ‘UNDeclare’ War?  If Congress is given the power and authority to declare war, surely the Constitution doesn’t destroy Congress’s ability to stop what they started.  If this is true, what is the Constitutional principle that not only suggests that Congress retains this ability but MANDATES Congress’s responsibility?”

VERY rarely, have I ever gone somewhere for the first time and someone knows the answer to this most important of questions to understand about the Constitution, including Constitution Party meetings, and we most of all should know the Constitution inside and out if we really have any hope of taking our country back.

In case you don’t know what that principle is to UNDeclare war, the answer is found in Article 1, Section 8 (the section Kucinich refers to), Clause 12 (however, he and all of congress choose to ignore this very specific clause), which states:

“To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;”

In other words, PULL THE MONEY ! ! ! !

Congress has the absolute power and authority to stop the unconstitutional use of our militia.  STOP FUNDING THE MILITIA.  They don’t need the judicial or executive permission to do so.  They are mandated by the Constitution do so pull the plug.  But of course, no one wants to be accused of defunding our troop’s ability to fight and protect themselves and certainly if Congress decided to tell the president to bring back our troops by CUTTING THE APPROPRIATIONS that keep our troops engaged that’s exactly how he would color it.

You can read the entire constitution on my website by clicking here.


You can also see what our founding fathers thought about a standing army by reading Federalist Papers 24 – 29, especially 29.  You can read through the Anti-Federalist Papers here:


Congress doesn’t have the backbone to uphold the Constitution so they are seeking the Judicial Department to do it for them.

You can also read what the founding fathers, known as anti-federalists, feared concerning the militia and a standing army by reading the Anti-Federalist Papers, 8, 24-29, and 74.  You’ll be especially interested in Anti-Federalist 74 which is entitled, “The President as Military King.”


This is just simply another bail out.  Congress wants the justice department to bail them out of their CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED RESPONSIBILITY!  Congress still has control of the Militia (the Constitution NEVER uses another word for military), but they have unconstitutionally relegated their authority to the President.  ALL OF CONGRESS SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES OF TREASON.  Remember, the Office of the President has many constitutional chains that congress has destroyed and now they want to look tough by filing charges??????

This is absolutely ludicrous and is nothing more than a politically motivated maneuver.

Almost half of the eighteen (18) clauses in Article 1, Section 8, is a mandate of Congress’ responsibility regarding the Militia.

Folks, you have got to REALLY know and understand what is in the Constitution if we are going to hold our federal government (which includes all three branches) responsible for the treasonous acts that they all are committing.

Illegal Wars (Continued)

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